Are you taking custom commissions right now?

Currently no. I update my Instagram bio with custom availability, I don’t always edit this. Whatever it says on my Instagram is current. @war.on.rugs

How do custom orders work?

Customs will be limited to 5 orders at a time. When they’re open, contact me via email (hi@waronrugs.co) with your idea. I’ll get back to you ASAP with an approval and a method for you to send a deposit. After I’ve received your deposit, I’ll begin working on your order and will let you know when I’m done (if I’m particularly excited about yours, I’ll send you updates as I go). When I’m done, I’ll have you send the remaining balance along with shipping costs.

How long will it take to receive my order?

If you bought a rug from the site, I normally ship same or next day. After that, standard shipping times apply, you will receive a tracking number.

If you commissioned a custom rug, I usually make them within 2-3 weeks after ordering.

Do you ship worldwide?

I should, yes! If the site won’t let you purchase for being international (outside USA), please let me know.

Do you accept returns?

Only if I fucked up on your order.

I ordered a custom and I changed my mind, can I get my deposit back?

If I haven’t yet started on your order, then yes. If I’ve started but haven’t finished, I’ll hold onto the deposit, and you won’t have to pay the remainder. If I’ve finished your project, then you’ll have to pay in full.


How should I clean my rug?

For most dust, a lint roller is perfect. If you need to vacuum, I recommend hand-vacuuming on a low power. I do use carpet glue so they should be able to handle a normal vacuum, but if you do use one, set it to a low power.

To remove a stain, mix water with detergent in a spray bottle, spray the stain and rub the solution into it.

Can I hang my rug on a wall?

Yes! I love wall-hanging rugs. 3M strips work great for this.


How do you make these?

A tufting gun, a frame, tufting cloth, yarn, and lots of love and patience! Happy to help anyone interested in learning how to tuft get started.

What does “cut pile” and “loop pile” mean?

Basically the finish of the yarn. Most of my rugs are cut pile, meaning the yarn is cut at the end, which leaves it soft and fluffy. My coasters and table mats are loop pile, meaning the yarn loops through the cloth. Check out this video to see the difference.

How do you claim to be anti-capitalist but charge $200 for a rug lol dumb commie

Being anti-capitalist does not mean anti-money-making. It means I’m anti-exploitation and anti-wage-inequality. It means I’m very much pro being paid what you deserve for your time and labor. Workers of the world unite!!